About Us

Welcome to Backcountry Skinz, a brand founded by two Canadian brothers who share a love for exploring the great outdoors. Our passion for wading and paddling deep into backcountry rivers and exploring alpine lakes led us to create a brand dedicated to building technical compression gear with materials specifically designed for water and outdoor adventure sports.
We noticed that bulky and leaky waders and dry khaki trousers were not our style, as they didn't offer the protection we needed for our outdoor adventures. We felt there were gaps in the industry, and we set out to bridge them!
Driven by our love for the wild and our desire to push limits, we founded Backcountry Skinz to unite mountain enthusiasts and design products that integrate versatility, durability, and style. As individuals who share excitement for what is now possible in the backcountry, we create gear that helps you push your limits and thrive in the wilderness and out on the water.
From our waterproof membrane socks to our technical modified neoprene compression pants and Airprene wading socks, we use the most advanced materials to provide you with gear that others will quickly feel is outdated. Our Backcountry Skinz standards were built from the viewpoint that when you enter the wild, you feel the wild. At Backcountry Skinz, we embrace this wildness, and we are dedicated to helping you, the customer, have a better experience by feeling comfortable, light, and versatile.

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