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Z Series 2.0 Neoprene Z / Char First Generation Pant - Unisex

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Z Series 2.0 Neoprene First Generation Pant - UNISEX



The Z SERIES 2.0 compression pants provide dependable protection, comfort, and style no matter the water conditions. Made from 2mm neoprene material, these pants have waterproof capabilities and are designed with insulation to keep you warm in even the wildest of mountain climates. With temperatures shifting from hot to cold in a single day, these pants offer the perfect combination of versatility and durability, ensuring that you can stay out on the water longer and enjoy your time in comfort and style.



The 2.0 pant is our thickest pant yet, with a 2mm neoprene material. This is perfect for active people who tend to run colder temperatures outdoors. Not only does it provide an extra layer of warmth and thickness, but the double lined neoprene offers superior heat retention and comfort. For those who prefer less insulation and want to stay cooler when they're outdoors, our 1.0 pant is a better option. With a single layer neoprene, the 1.0 pant will provide the breathability and flexibility needed in hot conditions, while still providing the stretch and durability you need for active wear.


Our 2.0 Z Series pant offers unbeatable protection and comfort on the rivers. With a durable fabric to protect against any bushes, bugs and rocks on your journey, these pants are built to last. 


The unique compression fit offers maximum support and ease of movement while wading, allowing you cut water easily while crossing rivers. This fit also regulates the temperature of your legs, so you stay comfortable no matter the water temperature. The 4 way stretch ensures your legs are unrestricted, making it easier than ever before to tackle the toughest terrain.


These pants are designed for convenience as well as performance, being lightweight and packable so you don't take too much space in your bag. And to make things even better, the 2.0 Z Series pant also comes at an affordable price, making it the perfect choice for any outdoorsman.


Details & Materials


  • 2mm ultra-stretch neoprene locks in your body’s warmth
  • Contour water venting side pocket
  • Friction-free seams to enhance comfort
  • A tight form restricts water entry; when water enters, it regulates your body temperature. 
  • Lightweight 
  • Flat locked stitched 
  • Sublimation of long-lasting logo design


Ideal for:

-Wading/Wet Wading

-Kayak/SUP Fishing

-Waterfowl Hunting 



-Base Layer