About Us

Backcountry Skinz was founded to unite mountain enthusiasts that have a deep passion for the wild and that seek to push their limits. We take the same approach in our product design. The modern era of technology and information is giving rise to a new era of individuals who are hungry to learn and take risks exploring the backcountry and the activities it provides all on their own terms. Backcountry Skinz is a collective of individuals who share excitement for what is now possible in the backcountry using the mountains as a backdrop on how far they want to take it. What sets us apart from other brands is that we live this backcountry life, recognized the gaps in performance gear, and filled them with designs that integrate versatility, durability and style.

From our waterproof membrane socks to our neoprene compression pants or our trendy mountain lids, we use the most technical materials to help you push your limits and thrive in the backcountry. No matter your outdoor endeavour, fishing, hiking, biking etc. once you become accustomed to our gear being there others will quickly feel outdated.  From this viewpoint, that’s where our Backcountry Skinz standards were built. When you enter the wild you feel the wild.

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