What is Wet Wading?


Wet wading is a way of fishing while standing in water, usually with pants and shoes that can get wet. In wet wading, you don't need a pair of hip boots or waders to stay dry. This method of fishing often allows the wader more flexibility and mobility to access deeper water than with hip waders.


What are the benefits of wading and/or paddling in your neoprene pants ? 


  1. Comfort: The neoprene material used to make the pants conforms to the shape of your body, which allows for greater comfort when wet wading than non-neoprene pants. 


  1. Support: The neoprene material wraps around your waist and legs and gives you extra support while standing, walking, and fishing in water. The pants also provide warmth in cold water and when temperatures are cooler outside.


  1. Durability: Our thin neoprene compression pants are extremely durable against bushes, bugs, coral, and rocks. The neoprene material is extremely tough and resilient, providing long-lasting wear and protection from the elements. With four-way stretch technology, the pants move with your body for increased mobility, so you can be confident you won't be held back.


  1. Waterproof: The neoprene material provides a waterproof barrier, which prevents water from seeping through the pants, when it does it it regulates the water temperature on your skin so you're always comfortable.


  1. Mobility: The neoprene material is stretchable and flexible, as opposed to some traditional fishing pants, which allows for more freedom of movement. This makes wet wading easier and more pleasant for the angler.


  1. Lightweight/Compact: Our thin neoprene pants are incredibly lightweight, yet extremely durable. They feature a cool, comfortable fit, making them the perfect companion for outdoor activities such as fishing and paddling. Sensitive areas are easily protected from sunburn and rash, while these pants can be easily rolled up and kept in any bag, and they'll stay flexible and light when worn. Best of all, they are perfect for making quick, efficient river crossings, as they cut through the water with minimal resistance. With our thin neoprene pants, staying active outdoors is easier and more comfortable than ever.


Are your 2.0 neoprene pants waterproof ?


Yes, all neoprene pants are waterproof. When wading and submerged underwater, there is still a possibility of water entering the pants, but it should be barely noticeable. Additionally, these pants are able to regulate the temperature of the water on your legs, warming cold water and providing a refreshing experience on hot days. It's like magic!


Are our neoprene pants breathable ?


Our neoprene pants are partially breathable, designed with a thin neoprene design to offer both mobility and durability, as well as protection from the elements. These pants are perfect for cold-water and warm-day situations, allowing you to stay comfortable as you wade/paddle in the water, as they will regulate the water temperature on your legs. They bridge the gap between waders and lighter dry pants, making them easy to pack in your bags if you get too hot, or unpack to put on if the weather turns soar, which can often happen in the backcountry.


With your Waterproof Socks and 2.0 neoprene  pants combined together do I get wet ?


With our waterproof socks combined with our 2.0 neoprene pant, you do not stay fully dry. Although this combination of our gear will keep you pretty sealed and dry through small river crossings and rainy days on river banks or wet days paddling, when wading submerged under water for a prolonged period of time, water can still seep in. This is why we call it wet wading, but it is wet wading while staying warm and protected from the elements. Most of our customers reach out saying how they barely wore their waders all season from spring to fall, as our pants and socks are so warm.


Will water enter my waterproof socks if it goes over the top of the sock line ?


Yes, water can enter your waterproof socks if it goes over the top of the sock line. Even though our socks are 100% waterproof, if your foot is submerged under water above the top of the sock line, water can enter the sock. However, this will keep your feet warmer than regular socks when wet, as the water will warm up the area around your foot. Our waterproof membrane socks are ideal for small river crossings, leaky waders, mud and ice, and summer wading.


Are you planning on expanding your sizing on all your products ?


Yes, of course! As of right now, we are a new brand that is not even a year old yet. We are growing organically and everything goes back into building our inventory. Our goal is to have all sizes for all of our products very soon, so stay tuned!


 Are your products good for paddling, biking, hiking and boating ?


Backcountry Skinz gear provides the perfect combination of comfort and protection for a variety of outdoor activities. Whether you are biking, paddling, hiking, or boating, our lightweight and breathable fabric provide superior comfort and keep you dry even in harsh weather conditions. With its waterproof design, our gear helps you stay warm and dry no matter what you're doing. It also provides excellent sun and wind protection as well as a layer of protection against branches and other debris you may come in contact with while out in the wild. With an adjustable fit, our gear fits snugly without being too tight, so you can enjoy all your outdoor activities without having to worry about your gear. Backcountry Skinz gear provides unbeatable protection and comfort so you can enjoy your outdoor adventures with peace of mind.


Are you going to come out with neoprene wading socks ?


Yes, we have some neoprene wading/paddling socks coming this spring to go with our neoprene wading pants.


Is your gear good for saltwater applications?


Our gear is great for salt water applications. It provides excellent sun protection, while also offering full protection from abrasions caused by coral or critters. Whether fishing in the surf, paddling, or surfing, our gear keeps you comfortable and safe.


How should i wash my neoprene gear ?


We prefer hand wash with soap and water and hang to dry to prolong the longevity of our gear .

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