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Mens - UV Polyester Compression Pant

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stay cool

Our polyester compression pants with built-in UV protection provide the perfect combination of support and mobility. Constructed with a lightweight, breathable material, these pants are designed to keep you comfortable during outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing. The pants feature a distraction-free bonded construction which provides a secure fit, giving you the support you need without sacrificing range of motion. The UV protection ensures that you stay safe and protected from the sun's harmful rays, while the compression fit keeps you cool and comfortable. Perfect for any outdoor activity, these pants offer the perfect combination of protection and performance.

Details & Materials:

-UPF 50 rated 

- Moisture wicking  

- 4 way stretch 

- Breathable Polyester 

- Side zipper pocket 

Ideal for: hiking, running, underlayer, flats fishing, summer wading, backpacking

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